Electric Vehicle Mechanics: An integrated course by the Delhi government

Delhi has already taken a major step toward becoming India's EV capital by promoting the adoption of electric vehicles with a special regulation that was introduced in August 2020. By FY 2025, Delhi's EV strategy wants 25% of all new vehicle registrations to be electric vehicles, and it has already averaged 10% of EV registrations in FY2022. The government made the decision to develop an extensive programme for EV technicians in an effort to establish Delhi as a center for educating manpower for electric vehicles. Three parties—DSEU, World Resources Institute (WRI) India, and Hero Electric Vehicles Ltd.—signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). A combined course will be created by the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) to help learners in its "Diploma in Automobile Engineering" course become "Electric Vehicle Mechanics." 100 students will be given basic and advanced EV mechanical training each year, as well as options for appropriate internships and apprenticeships. The institution will be in charge of establishing the whole study programme and methodology for the programme, with Hero Electric assisting in the layout of the course materials and offering the students chances for internships and hands-on experience. 
WRI India, the knowledge partner, would support this initiative with the necessary analysis, surveillance, and review. As Delhi's environment expands and there is a need for roughly 500 new mechanics each year, there is also a lack of highly qualified EV mechanics.

The Delhi government has started a set of quick as well as lengthy programmes with the goal of making Delhi the education center for India's EV workers. The EV technicians' training course is the first of such courses that train technicians for EV. In Delhi, the initiative would pave the way for the development of many work opportunities. The Delhi government's two main aims are met by implementing the EV mechanics programme: creating Delhi as the EV capital of India and developing a qualified and educated staff, as projected within the Rozgar budget 2022–23. Making long-term automobile job candidates proficient in EV technology will assist in optimizing job prospects so that Delhi's switch to electric mobility does not negatively affect the creation of jobs in the auto and transportation industries.


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