VENICE ECO may reduce the cons of Electric Two wheeler segment in Indian market CY2O22

As looking forward with the increasing demand of electric vehicles in India as well as in Asia, there are some vital drawbacks in electric vehicles that are restraining the market of electric vehicles in India such as availability of lithium hydroxide, efficiency of electric vehicles, capability of electric vehicles for carrying heavy goods, future power demand rise and moreover there is a one major draw backs that currently have been depicted in EV market that is fire catching of two wheeler EVs. 24 two wheeler EV  fire incident took place between March 2022 and April 2022. A 7 year old child dies in Maharashtra Palgarh due to explosion of electric two wheeler scooter battery during charging. On 12 sept 2022 fire incident took place in a EV showroom due to explosion of EV battery in which 8 peoples killed. OLA electric, Okinawa and Pure EV are some OEMs whose two wheeler electric scooters caught fire incidents. These incidents are affecting the market growth of EV as it is becoming a major concern for ministry of health and welfare in India. 
A Japanese EV company Komaki launched VENICE ECO two wheeler scooter in India in Oct 2022 which is affordable and fire resistant. This model of Komaki contains the Lithium ferro phosphate technology which is fire resistant and real time lithium battery analyser that will not lead to fire in extreem cases as cells contain iron. The number of lithium ion cells have been reduced in EV batteries which will reduce over heat of battery. VENICE ECO segment may lead the Komaki be a market giant in Indian EV market. The price of this model in India is RS 79000 which is affordable as compared to other OEMs scooter models.


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